Making Your Own Reality Show While On A Budget

Making a reality show can be a lot of fun, but it definitely is a lot of work as well. The best way to start out making this type of show is to know what you want it to be about and then have a good video camera to work with each time you shoot a scene. The way to have a successful show is by shooting it by the scene so that you can perfect everything instead Read the rest of this entry »

Five Things Viewers Love To Hate About Reality TV

Watching reality television can be a lot of fun if you enjoy all the drama and suspense. One thing that so many viewers cannot stand about reality television that keeps them coming back for more would be all of the drama. So many different people competing or living together and the drama that this stirs up can be more than anyone can handle. The thing about this type of drama is that it keeps viewers coming back for more because they want to see what their favorite reality television stars are going to get into Read the rest of this entry »

The Avenue’s Cast Face More Issues In Season Two

The Avenue is a popular Canadian show that is aired on YouTube. The reality show lasted for two seasons and faced a variety of issues including Jessica not returning for the second season. Reality shows are popular because they involve drama that makes people interested. American Idol is a reality shows that millions of people tune into watch both talented and untalented people sing. These shows give people a sense of hope that maybe someone you know can also become a famous singer. The Bachelor is a popular reality show because Read the rest of this entry »

Do Cameras Create Artificial Drama in A Reality Show?

Reality shows are obviously supposed to be television shows about real life instances, relationships and more, but many people wonder if they are fake and scripted. Although most reality show producers, actors and actresses agree that their reality shows do not have scripts and that their shows are accurate portrayals of the real lives of the cast members, many people wonder if it is true. One thing to consider, however, is the fact that cameras can create a bit of artificial drama from the cast members, whether they intend for things to be that way or not. Read the rest of this entry »

Interesting Elements That Make A Reality Show More Dramatic

Whether you love or hate reality shows, you have to admit that some of them can actually be pretty interesting. If you are wondering what makes the difference between an intriguing reality show and one that is a little more boring and less eventful, you should know that there are a few elements that can really work to make a reality show much more dramatic.

For instance, some sort of crazy love triangle can always make for an interesting reality show, no matter what the show Read the rest of this entry »

The Avenue: There’s A Market For Online Reality Shows

When you think about reality shows, you probably think about the shows that air on all of your favorite network and cable television channels. Although there are certainly plenty of examples of reality shows on these stations, you should know that the Internet has brought forth a whole new opportunity for those who are interested in making their own reality shows: Online reality shows. With online reality shows, you don’t have to worry about gaining the support of a network in order to perform, web site, make your show and air it to the masses. Instead, you simply need a cast who is willing to participate, a good idea for a show and a bit of equipment, such as video cameras and microphones. If you are wondering what can be successful as an online reality show, consider taking a look at The Avenue. Along with this Toronto-based series, there are plenty of other examples out there that will help you to see that nearly any good idea could work out quite well as an online reality show. Therefore, you might want to consider talking to some of the people around you about your idea; if you do, you and your crew could become an Internet sensation with your reality TV show idea.